Jste zde

Mgr. Jitka Synková

graduate of the College, Mayor of the Prague 17 District

I am very glad that a college focusing on topics of this type is located in my city district and that I had the opportunity to study there. I enjoyed the study very much and I wish to thank all of the professors, whose lectures were really interesting and important as well. Actually, I have had many opportunities during the subsequent years to draw on what the college has given me. What I have especially appreciated is the link between the topics lectured and practical life. As a mayor – a position in which I am currently serving my second term – I have been using the theoretical knowledge acquired through my study in combination with my practical experience, and this has been helping me in my work appreciably. I only regretted one thing: that the college did not provide follow-up master's study and so I had to continue my studies at another educational institution. Nevertheless, this school helped me with that as well. The follow-up study would have been much more difficult without the good background I acquired here. I wish all the teachers much energy and enthusiasm for their work, and I also hope that the students enjoy their studies and have the energy to study hard – it's worth it!