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Bc. Egon Zelinka

graduate of the College, driving school owner, ALTERNATIV spol. s r.o.

Why this college? For 18 years I worked abroad, where regionalistics was not just a term; instead, it was part of official national policy. The new scientific as well as social phenomena attracted my interest. My recollections from the study are very pleasant indeed, the Study Department providing a perfect background, qualified and skilled professors (some of them, sadly, teaching in heaven now) who had so much patience with us the students who combined study with employment and were always catching up on something, and a lot of practical information. I don't want to praise any professors specifically: all of them were perfect. I only wish to thank Dr Nečasová, who taught me humility. Thanks should also go to Mgr. Radim Žižka, supervisor of my bachelor's thesis, who opened up a way to my own soul for me and inspired me with continuous interest in the topic of my thesis.