Jste zde

Michaela Špačková

student in 3rd year at the College

I acquired much experience by studying at the college. In fact, the college is rather small and so we constituted sort of a large family. We are not mere numbers to our teachers, like students at other universities are. Nearly all of us know one another, which makes the study and all that comes with it a pleasant experience. I am not shy to contact anyone. The professors are receptive and willing to help. As for the subjects, they are very interesting. Everyone draws something different from the lectures, but overall, we all learned a lot about regional development. It is also good that although this is a facility concentrating on regional development, management and a newly opened subject are also included in the curriculum. I could not take part in the Erasmus student exchange project for personal reasons but I hear that my colleagues were very satisfied. I don't regret in the least that I selected this school. Three years spent in a pleasant environment as a member of a very friendly study team and taught by perfect professors – what more could you wish for?