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Department of Regionalistics

Head of Department

Doc. Ing. arch. Vladimíra Šilhánková, Ph.D.

Architect and urban planner, expert in regional development and planning, theoretician in city planning and urban space planning; published a number of original research studies, lecturer at institutes of higher education in city planning, landscape planning and regional development; organiser and initiator of promotions and presentations of regional development, architecture and urban planning, local and regional politician focused on urban planning and regional development and its advocacy in practice.

The College of Regional Development offers comprehensive, well-balanced and practice-oriented study programmes designed for those who wish to pursue their careers in regional development, planning or public administration including safety and other aspects in these areas. The study familiarises students with fundamental theoretical and practical aspects of regional development and guides them through the practical issues in this field. The study is advisable to everyone wishing to pursue a successful career in regional development, public administration and planning.

The Department offers the following courses:

  • Introduction to Regional Science
  • Landscape and Urban Planning
  • Regional and Municipal Economics
  • Social and Cultural Development of Municipalities and Regions
  • European Union
  • Regional Development
  • Regional Public Relations
  • Tourism in Regions
  • Topical Issues in Regional Development
  • Safety in Municipalities and Regions
  • Structural Funds
  • Vocational Practice I, II