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I. Scope of Activity of the Editorial Board

The Academic Editorial Board of the College of Regional Development (hereinafter referred to as the "Editorial Board") is the executive body of the publisher.

II. Members of the Editorial Board

1. The Editorial Board is made up of a chairman, an executive vice-chairman and members.

2. The chairman, the vice-chairman and the members of the Editorial Board shall be approved by the Academic Board of the College of Regional Development.

3. An executive editor has an advisory role towards the Editorial Board.

III. Editorial Board's Duties

1. The chairman of the Editorial Board represents the Editorial Board and the publisher externally.

2. The executive vice-chairman of the Editorial Board:

· manages the work of the Editorial Board;

· proposes changes to the membership of the Editorial Board;

· calls the Editorial Board through the executive editor, proposes the agenda and steers its discussions.

3. The members of the Editorial Board:

· evaluate the editorial plan for the given academic year;

· approve individual published titles;

· submit proposals for publications from individual areas of their professional scope of activity, recommend and obtain authors for their adaptation;

· publish their own professional and scientific works;

· recommend reviewers for prepared publications and perform reviews when needed;

· submit proposals for changes to the statute of the Editorial Board.

IV. Editorial Board's Meetings

1. The Editorial Board meets as needed, usually twice a year. The Editorial Board's meeting can take place also per rollam, if needed.

2. An extraordinary meeting of the Editorial Board takes place on the basis of a decision of the chairman or executive vice-chairman of the Editorial Board or at the request of at least a half of its members.

3. The Editorial Board is quorate if an absolute majority of its members is present at its meeting.

4. The executive editor shall be present at the Editorial Board's meeting; other experts may be invited to the meeting if necessary.

5. Minutes shall be taken during every meeting of the Editorial Board.


Editorial Plan for 2015
College of Regional Development


Collective monograph – main authors: Svoboda, Ivo; Pondělíček, Michael; Šilhánková, Vladimíra; others: Procházková, Dana; Posová, Darina. The Security of Cities, Towns and Villages at the Beginning of 21st Century (preliminary title) (in Czech language)

Kupka, Václav. Selected Problems from Regional Development from Economists’ Point of View (Vybrané otázky z regionálního rozvoje z pohledu ekonoma (preliminary title) (in Czech language)


Course books

Jetmar, Marek. Public Finances (Veřejné finance). Course book. (in Czech language)

Kubeš, Jan; Posová, Darina. Socio-economic Geography (Socioekonomická geografie). Course book. (in Czech language)

Posová, Darina; Struha, Pavel. Data Mining Methods and its Analysis in Regional Development (Metody sběru dat a jejich analýza v regionálním rozvoji). Course book. (in Czech language)

Půček, Milan. Cohesive Policy (Kohezní politika). Course book. (in Czech language)

Svoboda, Ivo (Macek, Pavel). Municipal and Regional Security (Bezpečnost obcí a region) Course book. (in Czech language) – enlarged and completed issue

Šilhánková, Vladimíra. Urban Planning (Územní plánování) Course book. (in Czech language)


Journal “Regionální rozvoj mezi teorií a praxí” (Regional Development between Theory and Practice)

4 issues; 2 as conference proceedings from conferences organized or co-organized by the College of Regional Development:

Šilhánková, Vladimíra; Maštálka, Martin (eds.) From Regional to Global Development (Od regionálního ke globálnímu rozvoji) (assume inner contributors: Šilhánková, Pondělíček, Jetmar, Kubeš, Posová, Kupka Václav, Maštálka, Zoubek, Němec)

Šilhánková, Vladimíra, Pondělíček, Michael (eds.) Public Spaces Changes (Proměny veřejných prostorů) (assume inner contributors: Šilhánková, Pondělíček, Kupka Jiří, Struha, Maštálka)


Conferences organized by the College of Regional Development

From Regional to Global Development (Od regionálního ke globálnímu rozvoji) (with Civitas per Populi), 21st May 2015 at the College of Regional Development

Security Management in Regions (Bezpečnostní management v regionech), 23rd April 2015 at the College of Regional Development, output: Svoboda, Ivo. (eds.) Security Management in Regions – Conference Proceedings (preliminary title)


Conferences co-organized by the College of Regional Development:

Public Spaces Changes (Proměny veřejných prostorů) (with the City of Hradec Králové and Civitas per Populi, 15th -16th October 2015 in Hradec Králové)

Road Maps to Adaptable Cities in the CR – 2nd part of 2015

GIS and Urban Planning (GIS a územní plánování) – in progress



Prepared by Vladimíra Šilhánková, vice-rector for science, 6th March 2015