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References from students of and graduates from the College

I am very glad that a college focusing on topics of this type is located in my city district and that I had the opportunity to study there. I enjoyed the study very much and I wish to thank all of the professors, whose lectures were really interesting and important as well. Actually, I have had many opportunities during the subsequent years to draw on what the college has given me. What I have especially appreciated is the link between the topics lectured and practical life. As a mayor – a position in which I am currently serving my second term – I have been using the theoretical knowledge acquired through my study in combination with my practical experience, and this has been helping me in my work appreciably. I only regretted one thing: that the college did not provide follow-up master's study and so I had to continue my studies at another educational institution. Nevertheless, this school helped me with that as well. The follow-up study would have been much more difficult without the good background I acquired here.

I wish all the teachers much energy and enthusiasm for their work, and I also hope that the students enjoy their studies and have the energy to study hard – it's worth it!

Mgr. Jitka Synková
graduate of the College,
Mayor of the Prague 17 District

I acquired much experience by studying at the college. In fact, the college is rather small and so we constituted sort of a large family. We are not mere numbers to our teachers, like students at other universities are. Nearly all of us know one another, which makes the study and all that comes with it a pleasant experience. I am not shy to contact anyone. The professors are receptive and willing to help. As for the subjects, they are very interesting. Everyone draws something different from the lectures, but overall, we all learned a lot about regional development. It is also good that although this is a facility concentrating on regional development, management and a newly opened subject are also included in the curriculum. I could not take part in the Erasmus student exchange project for personal reasons but I hear that my colleagues were very satisfied. I don't regret in the least that I selected this school. Three years spent in a pleasant environment as a member of a very friendly study team and taught by perfect professors – what more could you wish for?

Michaela Špačková
student in 3rd year at the College


I filed an application to the College of Regional Development for its excellent references among graduates and also due to its wide range of subjects that include offered courses. During the three years of study I have had the opportunity to participate in many conferences on campus both in Czech and German. For me, the work experience placement in Germany within the Erasmus programme offered by the college was a great experience. The work experience placement lasted for three months, during which I greatly improved in language skills, learned about foreign culture and customs, new people, the functioning of German public administration system, and visited cities and sights I would have never visited without Erasmus. I recommend studying at the College of Regional Development to all applicants for university studies.


Adéla Krejčová
3rd year student


I chose this college because I got very good references from current and former students. Now, after two years of study in college, I can say that the references were true. I can commend the college in all directions - it has modern equipment, the professors give interesting lectures and are willing to consult any further questions regarding the subject. I can say that my college has enriched my knowledge base.

Martin Kačeriak
2nd year student


By choosing to study at VŠRR (College of Regional Development) I certainly did not err. I have learned unprecedented things so far. I mean, for example, economics in terms of micro and macro. Regional Science and Management was important for my professional life. I make use of the acquired knowledge almost every day.  I very much appreciated the composition of the study programme. The teaching staff and Studies Office were really nice. I am grateful to those who contributed to my education.

Bc. Jan Horehleď
VŠRR graduate
Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Police District Directorate of Prague 11


I have chosen this school on the suggestion of my colleagues, who studied at the College of Regional Development before me, and who got from this school not only professional experience, but were also enriched by its specialization, just like me. I work at the Prague Municipal Police as the head of a department and already I can confirm that finding a similar school, specialized in public administration and everything related to it, would be very difficult. For this, I thank the school. I studied Management and Regional Development there. I would, however, like to start at the beginning – with the first impression. Because I was among the eldest students there, the first impression was very important to me and to some extent also decisive. The positive first impression was strengthened primarily by the study department, where I met a great attitude and willingness to help orientate. In the following years we worked with excellent teachers who guided us all the way to the state exam. I would like to thank the management of the college, especially Mrs. Mgr. Zoja Kalivodová, CSc., my bachelor thesis supervisor, for her amazing attitude not only towards me, but also towards my classmates whom she was always willing to lend a helping hand, and also Ing. Václav Kupka, CSc., who passed on to us crucial knowledge of Regional Studies and who was patient with us. During the studies I appreciated most the timeliness and new trends in the transmitted information, the overall approach to students, including a very comfortable study environment. It is a pity that bachelor courses at this school are not linked to master’s programmes, because I believe that most students would like to return to study further at this school. 

Bc. Václav Steinbauer
VŠRR graduate
head of the Shelter for Abandoned Animals (ÚPOZ), Prague Municipal Police


I came "back to school" after 20 years and I was lucky I selected this college. The College of Regional Development is ideal for anyone wishing to test their potential and acquire knowledge at a later age, like me. I liked the friendly atmosphere, the approach of the professors and the Study Department staff, whom I remember with pleasure and respect. My own experience in the functioning of public administration in combination with what I had learned at the college was very helpful during my subsequent master's study and, in fact, I was ahead of the other students in this respect. I would certainly have studied for my master's degree here as well had the opportunity existed.

I wish to thank everybody who contributed to my education – for their approach, understanding and for helping me to advance.

Ing. Miroslava Novotná
graduate of the College,
Economist, Environment and Agriculture Department, Central Bohemian Regional Authority

Why this college? For 18 years I worked abroad, where regionalistics was not just a term; instead, it was part of official national policy. The new scientific as well as social phenomena attracted my interest. My recollections from the study are very pleasant indeed, the Study Department providing a perfect background, qualified and skilled professors (some of them, sadly, teaching in heaven now) who had so much patience with us the students who combined study with employment and were always catching up on something, and a lot of practical information. I don't want to praise any professors specifically: all of them were perfect. I only wish to thank Dr Nečasová, who taught me humility. Thanks should also go to Mgr. Radim Žižka, supervisor of my bachelor's thesis, who opened up a way to my own soul for me and inspired me with continuous interest in the topic of my thesis.

Where my education is useful: For me, the main benefit is in the interlinking between my own long experience and theory. I have been self-employed since 1991: I own a driving school and I am a car and truck drivers trainer, I am specialised in road transport and provide consultancy in transport issues. I am always in contact with governmental and administrative bodies at all levels, and the college has taught me the "officialise" needed for successful negotiations with the authorities. Owing to my studies I am well versed in administrative and court procedures. I use the education acquired through study also as a trainer and teacher where the BA degree is required. In addition, I found that the idea that the brain does not age is true: this year I am applying for follow-up study at a university. In conclusion, I recommend this college to anyone wishing to acquire an education in humanities: the scale of the (very interesting) subjects is really diverse. The study will be easier if the class is a team, like our class was, where sharing of materials and notes from the lectures was no problem.

Bc. Egon Zelinka
graduate of the College,
driving school owner, ALTERNATIV spol. s r.o.

Between 2011 and 2014 I was a student in the bachelor programme at the College of Regional Development, Prague 6, and I would like to express words of appreciation and satisfaction with my studies at this school, both to the teachers and to the study department staff for their helpful and decorous approach during the course of my studies. Expertise of the teachers and speakers, that really is an unquestionable asset, in which I did not hesitate for a minute whether the investment in this education was justified. The teachers provided students with quality education, necessary assistance, important information and written materials for individual subjects, on the basis of which it was possible to expand one’s awareness, especially in the area of ​​regional development, public administration and last but not least about the European Union, where these newly acquired findings ultimately led, not only for me, but also for other students, to successful completion of the studies by obtaining a bachelor’s degree.                                                                                                                            

Bc. Marika Kunešová, officer of the Prague Municipal Police
College of Regional Development (VŠRR) graduate


I had never imagined my study at the college would enrich me so much at my age, giving me so much knowledge, so many pieces of information in so wide an area, as it did in reality. I was a blank page in economics in particular and although I struggled with macroeconomics and microeconomics during my first year of study, I still remember what I learned then. I use what I learned from the lectures very often, especially as regards regional development and regionalistics, because I am working in the safety area for the Prague municipality, where my qualification helps me appreciably.   The study was a very pleasant experience and the three years of study passed so quickly.

Bc. Miroslav Stejskal
graduate of the College,
Director, City Police Prague 1 District Directorate

I am glad I selected the college. The college gave me more than I expected and the study also helped me in my additional professional growth. What I especially appreciate is the very good study programme, qualified and very helpful professors, outstanding communication with the Study Department and the nearly family-like atmosphere. The majority of lectures were very interesting for me and many of them are helping me very much in my current work and are inspiring me for my future projects.

Ing. Tomáš Pražský, MBA
graduate of the College,
Secretary, AV SYSTEMS s.r.o.